Tourist Sites in Skopje, Macedonia


Tourist Sites in Skopje, Macedonia


Aleksandar Stamatov

Tourists Sites in Skopje, Macedonia 主圖

The Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe is a place with various cultural and historical dynamics which makes it a popular tourist destination. Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia, is one of the places with abundance of cultural-historical sites. The center of the city offers experience of authentic local culture.


Just close to the center, on the left bank of the river Vardar, there is a medieval fortress, known as the Skopje Fortress or the Kale (Turkish word for fortress). It is just ten minutes walk from the main city square and from it there is a nice view over the city. According to some estimates, the oldest architecture of the Kale originates from 535 AD, when the Byzantine emperor Justinian I had to take care of the protection of the cities against the invasion of foreign tribes. Some parts of it date around 10th and 11th centuries which indicates that there had been some rebuilding of the fortress, and that coincides with the frequent warfare that was happening at that time by which parts of the Kale were destroyed. It was also damaged in the 1963 earthquake. After the earthquake the Kale has been constantly under reconstruction. It is now also used for summer concerts and in September there is a beer festival.

1.Warrior on a HorseSkopje Kale, source:


In the outskirts of the hill of the Kale there is the old town of Skopje, also known as the Old Bazaar (Stara Carsija). The sources tell us that the Bazaar was a trading center already in the 12th century. There are many mosques, spas and inns built in the Ottoman period (1392-1912) and the Ottoman architecture dominates in the Bazaar. Most of the historic buildings today are turned into museums or hospitality objects. The business owners and the customers in the Bazaar come from different ethnic backgrounds so the Bazaar is a place that unites different cultures. Its landmark are the crafts still existing today, although in not that great number as in the past. The Bazaar is a home of many grill restaurants where the visitors can try local food like the famous shish kebab (kebapcinja) – minced meat sticks that go well with onions and spicy pepper – or the oven baked beans so called tavce-gravce. Also, people go there to have morning or afternoon coffee or tea as well as to enjoy the famous oriental deserts such as baklava, tulumba, ekler (puff) and many others. The night life in the Bazaar offers different types of enjoyment; beside the traditional food restaurants there are bars open late at night, live music of different types including traditional Macedonian music and night clubs.

2.Old bazzar(2)

Old Bazaar, source:


3..食物照片Kebapcinja, source:

A dessert shop in the Old Bazaar, source:

From the Old Bazaar crossing the Stone Bridge over the Vardar built in 15th century, we come to the main city square. In its vicinity we can find a lot of restaurants and coffee-bars open from morning till late at night and shopping centers. In a recent project called “Skopje 2014” the square and the surrounding were rebuilt in baroque architecture and statues of famous people from Macedonian history and culture were erected. The most famous is the 24 meters tall statue “Warrior on a Horse” in the middle of the square. Skopje is also the birthplace of Mother Teresa. Just few meters from the edge of the square there is a mark where her home was. From the square a pedestrian street stretches along the city and on just 5 minutes walk from the square there is the Memorial House of Mother Teresa. The street is full of side-walk coffee-bars and restaurants.

5.stone bridgeStone Bridge with a glimpse on the Kale in the back, source:


6.Skopje_-_Warrior_on_a_Horse_(9454041922)Warrior on a Horse, source:

7 (1)

7 (2)
Memorial House of Mother Teresa, photo by Claire Chen

Skopje is a place of rich history and mix of different cultures. It offers the visitor to feel the spirit of the past and taste the flavor of the present. Its location on a road that connects the West and the East makes it a convenient stop for tourists and travelers.



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